Hello, Honorable Heretics
Our third meeting is finally here. Stay strong and enjoy life.

Weekly Meeting
Wednesday at 6PM (Sept. 24th) in Mason Hall 3314, we'll be discussing what it means for something to be offensive. In preparation for blasphemy day, we'll express some different views on what is tolerable and at what point (if any) a government should control a speech determined to be offensive. Please come with personal stories and views to share. Should all speech be allowed? Are some ideas too offensive to be spoken? Do we have to tolerate every view to still have free speech?

Bowling Outing
This Saturday, September 27th, we'll be going bowling at Colonial Lanes from 8:00-11:00pmMeet at the Michigan League at 7:30, and we'll drive over at 7:45.  Drivers will be needed and appreciated.

Blasphemy Day
September 30th is International Blasphemy day. This is a time when we celebrate our freedom from religious blasphemy laws and remind people of the work that needs to be done where they still exist. Keep your ears open for some fun, irreverent activities that Tuesday.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson at Alma College
NDGT is coming to Alma, Michigan on October 1st for a talk at 8PM. Tickets are on sale but not for long. We have room for at least 2 more people in our cars, so if you have a ticket and need a ride, let us know and we'll carpool. If you have a car and could offer to drive, we'd appreciate the help in getting as many of us over as we can for this rare opportunity. Buy your tickets HERE for $10 each.

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