Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Courage and Computor Screens

(Originally posted by Rodion in 3/2012)

In America, we live in a society dominated by screens. Everything is now online. If you want a pizza, order it online. If you want a video game, order it online. If you want a Russian Bride, we have those online too. Our lives are starting to revolve more and more around virtual interactions and wireless relationships. We are starting to lose the ability to communicate with each other. Now, don't get me wrong, I think the internet is an incredible thing. it has changed our lives for the better in so many ways. We are able to access information so easily, we basically have encyclopedias in our pockets. We socialize, work, and play online as well. It is a wonderful tool that is constantly pushing human society forward.
On the other hand, with this power, people forget the internet is a place where consequences exist. The internet is a changing place now where anonymity is becoming harder and harder to maintain. This fact has pro's and con's that I don't wish to get into here. But, the truth is, we are becoming more and more responsible for the things we say and do online. Whether you believe it or not, the things you say online will have consequences. The things you say online will be read by other people, and depending on what you say, your reputation may become tarnished or even destroyed. For some reason, people tend to be much braver behind a computer screen than they are in reality. The things people say behind a computer screen to someone are things they would never have the courage to say in real life. And again, there are pros and cons with this fact. As I get older I begin to realize that I am accountable for everything that comes out of my mouth, whether it is a conversation with someone else, or just a simple facebook status. I also realize that everyone else is also accountable for their statements. As an adult, if I have problems with another adult, I address them directly and in person. I value passive aggression in the same way as I value the tooth fairy, not at all. Getting to the moral of the story, be very careful of what you say on the internet, especially is you are saying harmful things. Because eventually someone will read those statements and they will not be happy. In addition, we are all adults here, we should not be saying things on the internet that we would not say in real life. I just want people to stop hiding behind computer screens, come out and talk to each other. You know, like the good old days!
I hope you enjoyed my first blog post!!!

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